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Hauora Jewellery was created when the founder (a fashion addict) visited an indigenous Maori settlement and met an elder tribesman by the name of Arataki on a visit to New Zealand…

He was particular impressed with the way the elder believed in how the earth’s natural resources and precious materials such as magnets, germanium, negative ions and other materials, had the ability to help you live and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The elder (Arataki) constantly mentioned one word… HAUORA

Arataki wore these materials in a rope necklace around his neck and was a picture of health despite his age.

Based on the elder's age (which was rumoured to be 106), how active he still was, and how big strong and healthy the Maori people are in general, he decided to bring this concept to the western world in the form of easy to wear exquisite Jewellery.

And so Hauora was born…